March 21, 2007

Tales From The FF 2004

Posted in FF 2004, Hotties, Life, Random at 10:48 pm by Faith

I was driving to school this morning. I had been pulling an all-nighter, as it sometimes happens when you procrastinate and have your back up against a deadline. Anyway, as I was in the FF 2004 at a stoplight, blasting my current song of the hour (partly because it’s loud/fast and partly because I REALLY like it) I saw this young guy walking down the sidewalk. He had brown hair that kinda flopped over his right eye. He was probably in his early/mid twenties and was walking with a backpack on his back.

Anyway, as he was walking down the street, the bottom ripped out of his backpack and his books fell out onto the sidewalk. Papers went EVERYWHERE. I was totally amused by this situation, but responded in my usual manner: clapping my hand over my mouth as I gasped and giggled. As he was crouched down picking up papers, he happened to glance up and catch my eye. I gave him a sympathetic smile, to which I was given the BIGGEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL smile I had seen in weeks. Like, we’re talking Tom-Welling-as-Clark-Kent type of smile here. The fact that the entire situation screamed “Clark Kent” didn’t help in my analysis, I’m sure.

But it just adds to my theory: Klutzy guys = HOT.




  1. I-66 said,

    Shit like that always happens in public. Why can’t the bag rip when I’m at home?

  2. Faith said,

    Because it’s like I said… girls like me think that klutzy guys are hot. We wouldn’t think they were hot if these accidents occurred at home. 🙂

  3. I-66 said,

    They can still do other stuff like trip over nothing, but that’s harmless when compared with having to clean up one’s belongings from all over the sidewalk. 😉

  4. YUM!

    Did you at least offer to help him? 😉

  5. Allow me to introduce myself… my name is LisaB and I also have a blog 😉

  6. I-66 said,

    ::twiddling my thumbs::

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