April 11, 2007

Hump Day Randomness

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Given that it’s Wednesday, a day typically known as “Hump Day,” the staff here at Faith’s Ambition (okay, me) have decided to start a fun weekly column. It will simply be known as “Hump Day Hotties.”

Our inaugural hottie is someone who NEEDS to call me. Right. NOW. All I can say to Alanis Morissette is “THANK YOU for releasing this beauty out into the world again.” He’s the gorgeous Ryan Reynolds.




Ew. Need Shower.

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Ever have one of those moments where you see someone of the opposite sex, think they’re totally attractive and then realize WHY you think they’re attractive and are totally repulsed as a result?

This happened to me the other day. My Mom was in town and we were hitting the local grocery store for some food. As she was pushing her shopping cart along, I was walking beside her when I noticed a really cute guy walking in front of us:

Faith: (cocking her head and checking out the guy) Cute!
Mom: (looking up from produce) What?
Faith: That guy over there. He’s really cute.
Mom: (checking out guy) He IS cute.
Faith: Yeah, he’s got a great profile… and a nice body. I love his eyes. (guy turns around) Hey, from the back, doesn’t he remind you of someone?
Mom: Yeah. Your brother.
Faith: (realization sets in) Oh, no…..

I’m glad my mother found this amusing. I, on the other hand, needed a shower. And fast.