April 11, 2007

Hump Day Randomness

Posted in Hotties, Hump Day Hotties at 2:03 pm by Faith

Given that it’s Wednesday, a day typically known as “Hump Day,” the staff here at Faith’s Ambition (okay, me) have decided to start a fun weekly column. It will simply be known as “Hump Day Hotties.”

Our inaugural hottie is someone who NEEDS to call me. Right. NOW. All I can say to Alanis Morissette is “THANK YOU for releasing this beauty out into the world again.” He’s the gorgeous Ryan Reynolds.





  1. oob said,


  2. Law-Rah said,

    Oh dear lord!

  3. The body is good, but he doesn’t do it for me otherwise.


  4. Faith said,

    Lisa: That’s okay. More for me. *drool*

    Law-Rah and Oob: Iii KNOW!

  5. Heather said,

    Who is he dating now? It’s some too young for him I think. LL? Scarlett? Hmm…

    Oh, and ROWR! Lol.

  6. Faith said,

    Yeah, he’s been linked with Scarlett Johanssen. I don’t get what guys see in her.

    I sure get what girls see in HIM, though. LOL.

  7. brian said,

    who chops wood in the garden wearing only pajama pants? who even chops wood? you can buy it already done. if it weren’t for the angry face i’d say he’s just trying to get the attention of the neighbors.

    he’s out there, in the highly-manicured garden, furiously chopping wood in what basically equates to underwear, sweating and about to lose what little clothing he chose to wear… yeah, that’s a cry for help.

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