April 12, 2007

Good Morning! (aka Tales From The FF 2004: Part II)

Posted in FF 2004, Life, Random at 10:28 am by Faith

I see some pretty bizarre things from the driver’s seat of my car. Today was no exception. I was running a bit late to class, so I was tailgating more than I probably should have been. In any case, I was following this full-sized pickup truck. As I was tailgating, I noticed that there was only one occupant in the vehicle; a twenty-something male (or at least the back of his head looked twenty-somethingish.)

Anyway, I continue to follow him for a few miles. As we stop at a stoplight, I see something unusual. A woman’s head very clearly popped up next to the man. I did a double-take and started laughing. A quick glance at the clock confirmed what I already knew: It was 8:20am.

I guess SOME people know how to start their days off with a smile…