April 16, 2007

Bad Friend Alert!

Posted in Embarrasing!, Friends, Life at 8:09 am by Faith

My friend Hip-Hop Mama turned 30 this weekend. We had a pretty low-key celebration for her, since she was kinda freaking out about turning 30. We had food at a local eatery, and then went to catch a movie. Because she wanted to laugh since she was depressed about turning 30, we decided to catch a showing of Blades of Glory. We purchased our tickets, and as the ticket taker was taking our tickets from us, Hip-Hop Mama noticed her nametag, which also read “Hip-Hop Mama“:

Hip-Hop Mama
: Oh, nice name!
Ticket Taker: (silent, bewildered look at Hip-Hop Mama and myself)
Hip-Hop Mama: (explaining) It’s my name, too.
Ticket Taker: (without missing a beat) Well, obviously YOU’VE had it longer.
Faith: Ohhh… burn!

Hip-Hop Mama didn’t get it at first. As we got closer to the auditorium, it hit her and the turning-30 freakout hit a WHOLE new level. And I? Couldn’t. Stop. Laughing.


Yeah, I’m a bad friend, I know. But I also know that she’ll be there when I turn 30, taunting and teasing me every step of the way…. but she’s gonna have to wait 2 and a half years in order to do so. *evil laugh*


Introducing the Pooch! (Redux)

Posted in The Pooch at 8:00 am by Faith

Okay, I’ve been reading the comments in re: my dog’s introduction to the blog-o-sphere, and I have ONE thing to say: MY DOG IS NOT RADIOACTIVE. SHE IS NOT GLOWING. She’s just pale! 🙂 Here’s another pic to prove it to you: