April 16, 2007

Bad Friend Alert!

Posted in Embarrasing!, Friends, Life at 8:09 am by Faith

My friend Hip-Hop Mama turned 30 this weekend. We had a pretty low-key celebration for her, since she was kinda freaking out about turning 30. We had food at a local eatery, and then went to catch a movie. Because she wanted to laugh since she was depressed about turning 30, we decided to catch a showing of Blades of Glory. We purchased our tickets, and as the ticket taker was taking our tickets from us, Hip-Hop Mama noticed her nametag, which also read “Hip-Hop Mama“:

Hip-Hop Mama
: Oh, nice name!
Ticket Taker: (silent, bewildered look at Hip-Hop Mama and myself)
Hip-Hop Mama: (explaining) It’s my name, too.
Ticket Taker: (without missing a beat) Well, obviously YOU’VE had it longer.
Faith: Ohhh… burn!

Hip-Hop Mama didn’t get it at first. As we got closer to the auditorium, it hit her and the turning-30 freakout hit a WHOLE new level. And I? Couldn’t. Stop. Laughing.


Yeah, I’m a bad friend, I know. But I also know that she’ll be there when I turn 30, taunting and teasing me every step of the way…. but she’s gonna have to wait 2 and a half years in order to do so. *evil laugh*



  1. I-66 said,

    I think I’ll just taunt and tease you until then.

  2. Faith said,

    Ooh! I’m likin’ the sound of that… but are you saying that you find women attractive UNTIL they turn 30? And after that, it’s all downhill? ‘Cause if that’s the case… we be havin’ some words, Mr. 66. :p

  3. I-66 said,

    There’s nothing wrong with 30. But seriously what are you worried about? 2½ years, remember?

  4. I LOVE it. She sounds like a fun friend!

    I know 25 is not near 30, but I am having issues with being 25 in 3 weeks!!!!

  5. HMC said,

    My sister is hitting 30 this year. I can’t wait! Oh, the torture. =P

    Although, personally, I don’t see the big deal. It’s not like you can avoid it. Everyone hits 30 so why the fuss and cringing? Of course, maybe at 24, I’m too far away to see the implications. =)

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