April 26, 2007

The Good Samaritan

Posted in Friends, Hotties, Life at 8:09 am by Faith

For the most part, I like to think that I’m a good friend. If I’m able to help someone when they’re in a tight position, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. I was enjoying a late lunch with Kitrah the other day when I received a phone call from Hip-Hop Mama. I didn’t think it was anything important, as I had JUST gotten off the phone with her before I went out with Kitrah, so I let her go to voice-mail. After another frantic phone call and a text, I astutely realized that something was up. She informed me that she had a flat tire and needed help getting her child from school.

So, I rushed down, feeling bad that I let her go to voice mail twice. We ran to the school and got her child before I took Hip-Hop Mama back to her car with the flat tire. I have many brothers. I know how to change a flat. So when I saw Hip-Hop Mama struggling with her spare tire, trying to do everything so she didn’t break a nail, I knew an intervention was necessary:

Faith: No, no. That’s NOT how you change a flat. Let me do it for you. (takes over from here– gets the spare tire out, gets the jack out, assembles the jack, begins to try and take off the lug nuts… and cannot get them off. They’ve been put on too tight. Continues struggling with the lug nuts.)
Man! They put these lug nuts on TIGHT anymore…

(Cute guy happens by, notices Faith struggling with the lug nuts and ambles over)

Cute guy: Hey, they put those on way too tight in garages. Let me get it for you. (proceeds to loosen the lug nuts, then jacked up Hip-Hop Mama’s car and changes the tire himself.)

Faith: (whispers to Hip-Hop Mama) Now THAT’S how you change a tire!