May 3, 2007

This Just In: (Starbucks x 2) + No Sleep = BBAADD!

Posted in Friends, Guilty Pleasures, Hip-Hop Mama, Life, Random at 9:14 am by Faith

So I’m in the middle of writing final papers for class. I haven’t been to bed yet. I’ve had two grande caramel frappucinos from Starbucks. Lesson learned? I already know you shouldn’t drunk-text. Apparently, you should not text on a caffeine high, either. Case in point: The exchange I just had via text message with (who else) Hip-Hop Mama.

She and I had an “adventure” last night (which I’ll post later) so I dropped her off at her apartment pretty late last night. I knew she had to get up early this morning, so I decided to help her out:

Faith: (8:25am) WAKE UP, SUNSHINE!!!**
Hip-Hop Mama: (8:50am) I am up. It is crappy outside.
Faith: (8:51am) GET UP YOU LAZY ASS!
Hip-Hop Mama: (8:53am) I am up, bitch!
Faith: (8:53am) Looolll! Guess who hasn’t been to bed yet?!?! And guess who’s had a bunch of coffee from STARBUCKS?!?
Hip-Hop Mama: (8:55am) … oh, shit.
Hip-Hop Mama: (8:56am) Don’t you have class today? You must be wired.
Faith: (9:00am) Class is dunzo. Like Justin and Cameron. Like Nick and Jess. Like Brad and Jen. I’m writing papers now. VERY VERY VERY wired. WHEE!!!
Hip-Hop Mama: (9:03am) Holy shit. I want TO BE THERE when you crash…lol.
Faith: (9:04am) You think I’m kinda hyper right now?
Hip-Hop Mama: (9:05am) No shit, dumbass.

Hmm… I really should lay off the Starbucks, eh? But it tastes so good….

Spoken like a true addict.

**For the purposes of journalistic integrity, the text messages appear in their complete and original form. Yes, I used all caps and I over punctuated my sentences… like a true caffeine junkie.



  1. I-66 said,

    I’m surprised could even text message. That much caffeine and my hands would probably be shaking uncontrollably.

  2. oob said,

    Nice!!! Been there, done that, and god love the friends that are there to watch you crash! Hope the papers turned out well.

  3. Honey you are WAY too wired!

    Now put down the coffee and step away from the computer slowly…

    *shoots Faith with an elephant tranquilizer gun*

    Feel better now? 😉

  4. HMC said,

    Ooh. It’s not the caffeine that would get me (I need at least three cups a day) but the sugar. My body can’t take sugar anymore. I’d be shaky. then dizzy, and then probably barf. How did you feel afterwards?

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