May 9, 2007

Going All In…

Posted in Guilty Pleasures, Love, Must See TV at 1:35 am by Faith

We all know that I LOVE Veronica Mars. For those of you that haven’t been watching, SHAME ON YOU! Veronica Mars is one of the best-written TV shows I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll admit that I was a little worried about the show when it made the switch from UPN over to The CW, but I think that it hasn’t missed a beat. (Note to show execs: Cancel this show and I’ll be PISSED.)

Anyway… was anyone ELSE cheering when Piz planted that huge kiss on Veronica as she was telling him that she only wanted to be friends? (Piz has harbored a HUGE crush on Veronica the entire third season. He made a move on Veronica due to a pep-talk his roommate gave him, telling him that sometimes everyone needs to go “all in.”) The reaction to the kiss was golden. Piz smiled and said, “Just friends, I get it,” and turned around to leave. As he was leaving, he ran into his roommate who asked him what happened. Piz smiled and said, “I went all in.”

Note to Veronica: DO NOT HURT THIS BOY. He’s completely WON me over. I was initially annoyed with the idea of him as a love interest for you. Not anymore. Piz is a keeper. He will treat you like a princess. He will not cheat on you. DO NOT HURT HIM.

Note to any readers that may want to ask Faith out: Guys, it’s totally sexy to “go all in” from time to time. I like boys who take the initiative.

See it for yourself here:


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