June 14, 2007

Hump-Day Hottie: This One’s For The Boys

Posted in Hotties, Hump Day Hotties at 12:20 pm by Faith

I’m aware that I do have a few male readers out there in the blog-o-verse… so I thought I would mix things up and introduce a female into the mix. While I looovvvee the opposite sex, I’m not blind. I can totally see when a girl is (or should be) considered hot. I will always question SOME of the pin-up babes of our time (Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, and Anna Nicole Smith are the immediate trio that come to mind), but this week’s Hump Day Hottie is someone who I think you’d have to be blind not to consider totally babe-worthy.

Case in point: I was hanging with two of my older brothers over a holiday, and we were watching a movie with her in it. While this movie is VERY much made for the male audience, I’m a fan of it. It’s even in my video collection. Anyway, my brothers like to banter with each other during movies, but at the point in time that SHE came onto the screen, they both fell completely silent and just stared at her. I’m not quite sure why they fell so silent: Because they were mesmerized by her or because they didn’t want to look like jerks for saying that they thought she was hot. So, me being who I am, I decided to break the ice:

Faith: (looking at the television screen) I’d hit that.
Older Brothers: (incredulous look at Faith, followed by hysterical laughter)

Now, I like the opposite sex. Duh. But if I ever WERE to stray over to the other side, SHE would be my first celebrity crush. With no further explanation, I give you this week’s belated Hump Day Hottie:


…and as I’m sure you’ll all figured out by now, the movie in question that evening was Sin City.



  1. Jarod said,

    She is “easy on the eyes” as they say. Plus she kicked butt in Dark Angel – The hottest thing in the world is a beautiful woman who isn’t afraid of a little grit!

  2. Brian said,

    oh, damn! yeah, JA is a hottie alright. i’d have a difficult time saying something appropriate – best to be like your brothers and keep my mouth shut. 🙂

  3. Seriously- huge girl crush on her. I must admit I have that photo on my closet door to motivate me for the gym because she has one bangin body….

    jus sayin

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