June 19, 2007

A Good Cry

Posted in Guilty Pleasures, Must See TV at 8:12 am by Faith

So, it’s a little-known secret (well, not so little among my group of friends) that I Tivo Dawson’s Creek every morning. The beauty of Tivo is that I don’t necessarily HAVE to watch it every day. As I’ve been super busy lately, I’ve been stockpiling the episodes and then sit down and have a little mini-marathon.


I didn’t see the series finale of Dawson’s Creek when it originally aired. This was mainly because I was pissed off back in the day that Joey chose Pacey over Dawson (what was that? The end of Season Three?) Subsequently, I swore off the show. Fast forward quite a few years. Dawson’s Creek is now enjoying a daily morning run on TBS, one of the few GOOD cable channels I get. Therefore, it makes sense that I naturally began Tivoing it.

I just got done watching the series finale. Personally, I’ve been disappointed with series finales, for the most part. THIS one was very different. I didn’t expect it to be so poignant and touching. I didn’t expect it to make me cry buckets. I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. I didn’t expect to have one of those good “girly cry sessions.” So, to Kevin Williamson and the cast of Dawson’s Creek, I say thank you.

….and did anyone else find it HILARIOUS that Deputy Doug really DID end up being gay?!? I love it….



  1. I-66 said,

    Ha. You cried over Dawson’s Creek.


  2. Marilyn said,

    Don’t worry Faith, I cried too….and I loved that Deputy Doug was gay. We are so much alike it scares me.


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