July 10, 2007

No Whammies, No Whammies….

Posted in Bar Exam, Life, Random, Rants, Work at 4:42 pm by Faith

You know, I was thinking about this the other day. And I got kinda fired up. The point of having an anonymous blog is to be able to share things ANONYMOUSLY. You’d think this would mean that I would be more honest about my life. Yet, I find that I censor quite a bit of detail about myself. I’m gonna clear up some of that right now.

In my last post, I apologized for the lack of posting. I haven’t just been busy. I’m not simply a “recent graduate school graduate.” As some of you already know, I’m a recent law school grad. *gasp* Shocking, I know. I’m not JUST going through “life changes…” I’m studying for the flippin’ Bar Exam!

Frankly, it’s been kicking my ass. I’m scared, and I need a place to vent. Normally, I would have turned to my online “journal,” so to speak… but I couldn’t say anything without revealing that little detail of myself, so I’ve been omitting it since this blog’s inception. But it’s out now. I feel… not that much better, but now at least I can freak out about taking online tests, only to find that I’ve been failing miserably… and that I secretly want to slash my cocky classmate’s tires because they’ve been talking so much smack about “acing” this exam when all I’m worried about is making sure I get a 60.0% overall. That’s right. A 60% is a passing score…. and I’m not shooting for much higher than that.

My head is a jumble of Constitutional Law, Torts, Property, Criminal Law, and all the other fun subjects my State requires. I have no clue how to organize it all and I’m afraid that when I’m sitting to take the test, I’m going to spaz out and forget everything. Anyone out there have any tips for a freaked out gal like myself?

So there you have it. Faith = really a recent law graduate. I’m not telling you where I live. Sorry. LisaB only just told us she was from Texas… and THAT took her two years, so don’t press your luck, please. You’ll end up fishing for whammys.

Oh, my GAWD, I miss that show! That is so going to be my Bar-cramming motto….

“Big bucks, big bucks, no whammies, no whammies….”




  1. Brian said,

    i say that all the time! i’m trying to bring it back into vogue…

  2. Law-Rah said,

    You are going to do fine! Your crazy employer folks actually did give us a lot to work with. Now, we have TWO FULL WEEKS to learn this shit. Really. That is a lot of hours. Just remember gotta have consideration for a binding contract, conspiracy doesn’t merge, there are plenty of exceptions to the warrant requirement of the 4th amendment and most importantly: Frank Sinatra Didn’t Prefer Orville Redenbacher. You will do just fine

  3. Big Bucks, Big Bucks, STOP!

  4. If I may amend… I’m ORIGINALLY from Texas 😉

    But I’m proud of you for sharing/venting/telling your friends that something has been on your mind. Here’s what I think…

    First, in all the time I’ve “known” you, you have always been a super achiever. You make things happen!

    Second, it’s absolutely normal to feel what you are feeling. My other friend’s who have been through the Bar Exam have all had similar freak-outs. And survived.

    Third, I have no doubt WHATSOEVER your competitive spirit will kick in and you’ll do better than most of your classmates, if only to show them 😉

    Feel better now? Hugs!!!! Oh and thanks for the linkage!

  5. Jarod said,

    No worries, Faith – Anyone who can go THROUGH law school has the guts to take on the exam. It will be like a public performance: lots of nervousness before hand, but once you are on stage you will be fine! Years from now, when you are kicking butt in the courtroom, you can look back on your post and laugh.

  6. oob said,

    I admire you just on principle. 🙂 I too have known many friends to wig out at this very moment you’re having. Lean on your blog, your friends, your family… we’re all here!

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