September 6, 2007

Bing Law 101

Posted in Must See TV, Work at 8:10 am by Faith

After taking a phone call from a prospective client for a criminal defense matter (the fact-gathering interview has already taken place):

Faith: (to supervising attorney) Could this guy BE any guiltier?


Yes, if I’m going to practice criminal defense, I’ve decided to master the art of practicing law as only Chandler Bing could.



  1. Jarod said,

    Sounds like a good plan. Or is it “Can it be a better plan?”

    BTW, I was at Dragon*con recently, and there was talk of a Buffy Movie with Faith in it. Rumors, to be sure, but good rumors.

  2. You might also want to consider the “Peter Blunt” method of practicing law. See Caddyshack 2 for more details.

  3. spastasmagoria said,

    LOL yeah. keeping that sort of thing to yourself could help. Maybe. But it wouldn’t be as fun, thats for sure.

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