May 30, 2007

Tales From the FF 2004: When Life Imitates Art…

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I’ve been pretty forthcoming about the fact that I’m a big Entourage fan. I’ve been surprised at how quickly dialogue from the show has made it’s way into my daily vocab, however. Most of the lines I’ve seemed to have adopted have come from my favorite character, one Mr. Johnny Drama. However, you have to admit that it’s always a bit interesting when life imitates art.

Case in point: I was driving with Hip Hop Mama down in “the Valley” the other day. As we were cruising down the road, I noticed someone tailgating me, despite the fact that I was driving well above the speed limit:

Faith: Is it really necessary for this guy to drive UP my ass?
Hip-Hop Mama: (laughing)
Faith: (watching the guy in the rear view, getting more and more agitated) Seriously! This is effin’ ridiculous!
Hip-Hop Mama: (still laughing)
Faith: (had enough– yanks her car over to the side of the road and lets tailgating vehicle pass before charging back on the road and tailgating the vehicle that just passed her.)
Hip-Hop Mama: Okay, Faith. Do we really want to be picking a fight with Deliverance here?
Faith: (agitated) Was it really necessary for them to be driving UP MY ASS?
Hip-Hop Mama: Okay, settle down, Drama!
Faith: (starting to chuckle) Hold me back, Turtle. (car in front of her slams on his brakes, causing Faith to slam on the brakes in the FF 2004– Faith and Hip-Hop Mama lurch forward) ….FUCKING VALLEY, MAN!
Hip-Hop Mama: (fresh round of laughter…. after a moment, Faith joins in.)

…I can’t make this stuff up.


May 9, 2007

Hump-Day Hotties: The Hug-It-Out Edition (Redux)

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We all know I love Entourage. Initially, I thought that I had a “favorite” in the quiet, sensitive Eric. This is true. I love his character. When I start dating again, I believe I will end up dating someone very similar to him. This is a good thing, I think, although bigger fans of the show (who have done more character analysis) can tell me why I’d be a bad match with someone like E.

This weeks’ Hump Day Hottie is another guy from the show (well, duh, given the title of today’s post, right?) In my opinion, he’s got some of the best one-liners on the show. I may not be able to have a serious relationship with this guy, but I know that he would have me howling until the day we quit returning each others phone call. He’s Johnny Drama, as portrayed by kevin Dillon:


Even for those of you who DON’T watch the show, you should at least be able to appreciate some of these comedic gems:

(on breakup sex) “That’s the only kind of sex I have.”

(on Eric) “I can already see his future. He’s going to move in with Sloan, drive her Daddy’s Bentley and join a country club that restricts us.”

(on sex with a famous virgin) “I’ll do it. I could use the press.”

(pondering) “You guys ever masturbate with a belt around your neck?”

(and my personal favorite) “Nobody appreciates their girlfriend until they get herpes from the next broad, you know what I’m sayin’?”