June 12, 2007

“Word, Cotton!”

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I’m not a big fan of this strip, but I thought that FOR ONCE, the artist and I were on the same page:

The rumor has it that the fan campaigns have not worked. The show is “dead,” in the words of it’s creator.

Screw you, The CW.


June 11, 2007

F***ing Awesome!

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I saw my friend Marilyn for the first time since graduating from grad school. She and I have been friends since BEFORE either of us got into grad school. She was two years ahead of me, but we kept in touch (as we were supremely close before she graduated from grad school and got a grown-up job and all.)

Anyway… her present to me hit the nail RIGHT on its head. Observe:

For those of you Buffy, the Vampire Slayer geeks in the audience, yes, it’s a FAITH action figure! Not only is the Faith action figure, it’s the “Graduation Day” action figure! (On my list as one of my favorite episodes of Buffy… EVER.) My only beef is that it looks NOTHING like Eliza Dushku, who played Faith. You may be familiar with her look by now:

Despite that, I do have to say just ONE thing. She could not have gotten me a better graduation gift. Simply put, old friends are not JUST the best friends. Old friends f****n’ RULE!

Thanks, Marilyn! 😀

April 25, 2007

Hump Day Hottie: The Hug-it-Out Edition

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In keeping with my Entourage theme of the last few days, I thought I would direct your attention to the bevy of babes that appear on this show. I am a firm believer that Entourage was built on the same principles that apply to boy bands– there’s a little something-something for everyone.

This theory was well-demonstrated by Hip-Hop Mama and myself the other night:

Hip-Hop Mama: Ooh, I would love to date a guy like Turtle. He’s so cute.
Faith: (chuckling) Yeah, that doesn’t shock me. He’s so your type it’s not even funny.
Hip-Hop Mama: What, you don’t think he’s cute?
Faith: Nope. Not so much.
Hip-Hop Mama: Well, who do YOU think is the cutest one on the show?
Faith: (laughing) You’re the one who claims that you’re my best friend… the one who knows me the best. YOU tell ME.
Hip-Hop Mama: (without skipping a beat) Kevin Connolly.

Was she right? Is my type of guy the quiet, sensitive, semi-sarcastic? Without further introduction, I present to this weeks’ Hump Day Hottie:


Yep. It’s true what they say. Best friends really DO know everything about each other…

April 24, 2007

New Addiction

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To I-66 and all you other yahoos who told me I’d like Entourage:



Seriously… Bite me. I didn’t think it was possible to get so incredibly hooked on a television show. This is how it went down:

Hip-Hop Mama and I were at the local video store. I got all excited because they had the first disc of the second season of Entourage in stock (which is impossible to find in my town– I’ve been looking for WEEKS.) Anyway, Hip-Hop Mama was lukewarm to the idea. I had to talk her into it, basically saying, “Hey, if the show sucks, it’s only 25 minutes and we’ll bring the disc back and get something else.”

Yeah. That didn’t so much happen. Within the first 30 seconds of the show, Hip-Hop Mama was HOWLING. The person who didn’t think the show was that great, actually, was me. Then 45 seconds later, I’m shooting Pepsi out of my nose because I was unfortunate enough to take a drink and start laughing hysterically.

So… on behalf of my nose, I’m officially pissed at all of you who recommended this brilliant television show to me.

What do you say? Hug it out?