June 15, 2007

It’s Official!

Posted in Friends, Life, Slacking at 3:18 pm by Faith

Grades were just posted at my Graduate School. It IS official! Faith is a bona-fide grad school graduate! (No, not that I was worried or anything… it’s just nice to know that when I walked at graduation, it wasn’t just for show and that I WILL get a degree with my name and title on it.)

Hooray for me! (and Kitrah, although… really? Didn’t doubt hers for a moment.)


May 7, 2007

Club Faith (aka The Rhythm IS Gonna Get Ya!)

Posted in Guilty Pleasures, Life, Random, Slacking at 10:26 am by Faith

I absolutely freakin’ LOVE the PartyShuffle feature on iTunes. I’m in the process of a major last minute cram session for a class that I kinda slept through all semester (okay, to be fair, I didn’t sleep through the class… but I did send an awful lot of e-mail and IM’ed everyone’s favorite roadway a LOT from this class. And that’s not mentioning all the online tokens I won from my internet gaming habit, fueled by boredom FROM this class.)

Obnoxious Officemate probably wants my head on a stick right about now. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the music coming from a NOT-SO-reasonable volume from the headphones… and if you watch me long enough, I might actually do a form of the cabbage patch from my office chair. (When Kitrah gets here, I’m going to be her hero. We’ve been doing this passive-aggressive thing with our officemate all year. It’s been coming to a head as finals approach.)

Anyway… anyone think that Obnoxious Officemate would object if I transformed our office into a Coyote Ugly bar? The first round of drinks would obviously be on me…


Real blog post later, when Final for Today has concluded. Lots to share….

(UPDATE (11:05AM): Obnoxious Officemate’s reaction to Club Faith? HE’S GETTING LOUDER… All right, Obnoxious Officemate. Game On. It’s SOOOOO ON.)