Cast o’ Characters

As part of keeping this page as anonymous as possible, I like to use fake names for the people in my life… especially those who I like to trash, because let’s face it: My salary can’t afford a libel suit. So, in order to protect those who should (and shouldn’t) have protection, I present to you a glossary of folks in my life. I will add to this as people are mentioned:

Karate Kid— Most recent ex. Selfish douchebag. Obsessed with Karate.

The Infamous Ex— The man I was previously engaged to prior to my relationship with Karate Kid. The demise of this relationship DESTROYED me. It’s a popular theory that I started dating Karate Kid due to the emotional wreckage that this man left behind. Have forged a friendship with this man after two years of silence on my part. We’ll see where it goes.

The Pooch— My dog! She’s awesome! And contrary to popular belief, she is NOT radioactive. I was experimenting with my camera phone. phoebe2.jpeg

Hip-Hop Mama— one of my best friends. She just turned 30 and has a nine year old daughter. In case you couldn’t figure it out, she likes hip-hop, much to my simultaneous amusement and chagrin.

Lil’ Mama— Hip-Hop Mama’s daughter.

Kitrah— Officemate and best friend in Graduate School. Has an AWESOME boyfriend, who we’ll call Superman. If Superman was single, or if Faith was in the habit of stealing boyfriends, he’d be pretty high on the list. She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I talk a lot of smack about grad school, but if not for grad school, I would have never met her. I’m not trading that for anything. 🙂 Kitrah and Superman introduced me to the wonderful world of sushi.

Marilyn— One of the first friends I made when I moved to College Town. Shared a love of everything ‘NSYNC. Did a lot of bonding over the “No Strings Attached” tour. We had the same taste in men… ended up having an ex in common. Long story. Also share a love of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. (Yep. Got her hooked. I’m the cutest dealer in town.) Lives in Big Town with a grown-up job. Miss her terribly.

Obnoxious Officemate— Person who shares an office with Kitrah and myself. Nice person, but has a lot of really really REALLY annoying quirks.

Lucille LarussoKarate Kid’s mother. Cool lady.


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  1. toby said,

    thanks for making my day. its amazing how so many of us have mirrored lives. i also thought my ex had stolen my soul, but one day by accident i found it. it was hiding behind my broken heart.
    have a wonderfully happy day!

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